Proverbs 15:13-22

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Proverbs 15

III. The Proverbs of Solomon (10:1 - 22:16)

A. Proverbs contrasting righteous and wicked living (10:1 - 15:33)

13 A merry (i.e. happy) heart maketh a cheerful countenance (You can tell a happy individual by looking at his face.): but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. (Sad thoughts crush the spirit - Ryrie Study Bible. A broken heart causes despondency and despair - Believer's Bible Commentary.)

14 The heart of him that hath understanding (i.e. discernment) seeketh knowledge (He continually pursues knowledge.): but the mouth of fools feedeth on (is content with) foolishness (They do not pursue knowledge. They consume foolishness and become more and more foolish.).

15 All the days of the afflicted are evil (He is a pessimist. Everything is wrong. You don't want to ask him how he is doing because he will spend the next hour telling you how bad things are for him. He always looks on the dark side of things. His glass is half empty.): but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast (He is an optimist and always looks on the bright side of things. His glass is half full).

16 Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble (i.e. turmoil) therewith (A poor believer is better off than a wealthy unbeliever.).

17 Better is a dinner of herbs (i.e. vegetables) where love is, than a stalled ox (i.e. a fattened ox, a symbol of luxurious food) and hatred therewith.

18 A wrathful man (lit. a man of hate, i.e. a hot-tempered man) stirreth up strife (dissension): but he that is slow to anger (i.e. patient) appeaseth strife (pacifies contention or quiets quarrels.).

19 The way of the slothful (i.e. lazy) man is as an hedge of thorns (His life is filled with all sorts of difficulties which prevent his accomplishing anything.): but the way of the righteous (i.e. upright) is made plain (i.e. is laid out as a well-paved highway).

20 A wise son maketh a glad father (He lives and does as he should, taking advantage of the father's wisdom and life experience.): but a foolish man despiseth his mother (he does not live and do what he should, thereby treating her with contempt, disregarding her instruction, not taking advantage of her concern for him. It will make her sad rather than glad. What is true of the father is also true of the mother, and what is true of the mother is also true of the father).

21 Folly is joy to him that is destitute of (i.e. lacking) wisdom (lit. heart, i.e. understanding. "A stupid man enjoys his stupidity" - Believer's Bible Commentary): but a man of understanding walketh uprightly (who lives the way he should. He walks a straight course.).

22 Without counsel (i.e. advice) purposes are disappointed (because they are not brought to pass): but in the multitude of counsellors (i.e. advisors) they are established.