Baptist Distinctives


The name Baptist suggests a definite doctrinal position. What distinguishes Baptists from other denominations are their beliefs. Baptists believe that certain doctrines known as Baptist Distinctives are clearly taught in the Bible; whereas, non-Baptists do not believe at least one ofthese doctrines. Regardless if people call themselves Baptists and do not believe each of these Baptist distinctives, they are not really Baptists. Baptist Distinctives form the acrostic BAPTISTS.

B Biblical authority

A Autonomy of the local church

P Priesthood of the believer

T Two Ordinances: believer's baptism and the Lord's supper

I Individual Soul Liberty

S Saved church membership

T Two offices: pastor and deacon

S Separation of church and state

Some add the Security of the Believer and the Lordship of Christ.