Study of Ezra


The book is named after its main character, Ezra.

Ezra the priest is traditionally regarded as the human author.

Ezra is devoted to the events occurring in the land of Israel at the time of the return from the captivity and continues that history for about one hundred years. Thus, the events described begin around 538 B.C. and end around 440 B.C. The emphasis of Ezra is on the rebuilding of the Temple.

    I. The First Return of the Exiles Under Zerubbabel, 1:1 - 2:70

           A.  The decree of Cyrus, 1:1-11

           B.  The register of the returning exiles, 2:1-70

   II. The Restoration of the Worship of the Lord, 3:1 - 6:22

           A.  The Temple rebuilt, 3:1 - 6:15

           B.  The Temple dedicated, 6:16-22

  III. Reforms Under Ezra, 7:1 - 10:44

           A.  The second return of exiles, 7:1 - 8:36

           B.  The abolition of heathen marriages, 9:1 - 10:44