Study of Romans



Author: Paul

Date: AD 55/56 Romans was written on the third missionary journey shortly before Paul left Corinth.

Purpose: Paul had planned to leave Greece and to return to Palestine with the collection gathered from the Gentile Churches. Paul wanted this collection to be presented to the poor saints in Jerusalem by him personally along with representatives from the Gentile Churches. He then intended to go to Rome and then on to Spain. Paul thus revealed his intentions regarding a future missionary venture.

Romans is a letter intended to instruct its readers in the main truths of the Gospel. Paul evidently felt that such instruction was needed by those at Rome.

Theme: The Theme of Romans is the Righteousness of God which is by faith. They key verse is Romans 1:16,17. Words translated righteous, righteousness, just, and justify, are used approximately 66 times in the book, thus giving some indication of the Apostle's emphasis. These words all come from the same Greek word. One is an adjective, one is a noun, and one is a verb.

Outline of Romans

I. Introduction - 1:1-17

A. The Salutation - 1:1-7

B. The Occasion - 1:8-15

C. The Theme: The Righteousness of God - 1:16-17

II. Man's Lack of Righteousness - 1:18 - 3:20

A. The Gentile Lacks Righteousness - 1:18-32

B. The Moralizer Lacks Righteousness - 2:1-16

C. The Jew Lacks Righteousness - 2:17 - 3:8

D. Universal Condemnation: All Lack Righteousness - 3:9-20

III. God's Provision of Righteousness: Justification by Faith - 3:21 - 5:21

A. Righteousness Provided by Faith - 3:21-31

B. Righteousness by Faith Illustrated in the Life of Abraham - 4:1-25

C. The Effects of Righteousness by Faith: Peace, Joy, Hope - 5:1-11

D. The Effects of Adam's Disobedience and Christ's Obedience - 5:12-21

IV. The Transforming Power of God's Righteousness: Sanctification - 6:1 - 8:39

A. The Union of the Believer with Christ - 6:1-23

B. The Conflict of the Natures - 7:1-25

C. The Victory Through the Spirit - 8:1-39

V. Israel and God's Righteousness - 9:1 - 11:36

A. The Past: God's Judgment for Sin - 9:1-33

1. Paul's Burden for Israel - 9:1-5

2. Israel's Rejection and the Reliability of God's Word - 9:6-13

3. Israel's Rejection and God's Righteousness - 9:14-18

4. Israel's Rejection and God's Power - 9:19-29

5. Israel's Rejection and the Gentiles' Acceptance - 9:30-33

B. The Present: God's Offer of Salvation to Israel - 10:1-21

C. The Future: God's Promise of Restoration for Israel - 11:1-36

VI. Implications of God's Righteousness in Christian Living: The Surrendered Life - 12:1 - 15:12

VII. The Conclusion and Closing Greetings - 15:13 - 16:27