What Happened When I Got Saved?


Salvation is so simple that even a young child can understand it. However, it is also so complex that even the most mature believer will struggle to fully comprehend it.

A substantial number of divine transformations took place at salvation. Each one is eternal in its very nature. Each one took place at the instant I believed the gospel. Each one is a distinct position into which a believer is instantly brought at salvation by the power of God. The believer is passive. All he did was believe. Of these various transformations several things may be said:

1. They are not experienced. Although I could tell that something was different, I didn't feel anything. I know that these things happened only because the Bible says they happened.

2. They are not progressive. They do not grow or develop. They are as perfect and complete the day I received them as they will be throughout all eternity. They are presently true of every believer, and they are not true of any unbeliever.

3. They are not related to human merit. They are not earned.

4. They are eternal by their very nature. They are permanent rather than temporary.

5. They are known only through God's revelation of them in the Bible where they are clearly taught.

So, what happened when I trusted Christ as my Savior?

1. I found myself to be in the eternal plan of God.

2. I was reconciled to God.

3. I was redeemed.

4. I was propitiated.

5. I had my sins all covered by Christ's atoning blood.

6. I was united with Christ.

7. I was freed from the Law.

8. I became a child of God.

9. I was adopted into the family of God.

10. I was made acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

11. I was justified.

12. I was forgiven all sins.

13. I was made near to God by the blood of Christ.

14. I was delivered from the powers of darkness.

15. I was translated into the kingdom of God's dear Son.

16. I found myself on the Rock, Christ Jesus.

17. I became a gift from God the Father to Christ.

18. I was circumcised in Christ.

19. I became a member of the holy and royal priesthood.

20. I became part of a chosen generation and a people with a special relation to God.

21. I gained access to God.

22. I found that I was in the much more care of God.

23. I became part of God's inheritance.

24. I gained an eternal inheritance.

25. I became part of a heavenly association.

26. I became a citizen of heaven.

27. I became a member of the family and household of God.

28. I became light in the Lord.

29. I became vitally united to the Triune God.

30. I received God the Holy Spirit.

31. I was glorified.

32. I was made complete in Christ.

33. I came into possession of all spiritual blessings.

How can I help but stand in awe of all that God did for me at the instant of my salvation?